Barcelona Card with Guidebook

A Barcelona Card can be a great investment if used wisely. Let us explain what it is, if you have never heard of it before.

Discount Card With Guidebook
Barcelona Discount Card with Guidebook

There are a high number of tourists that visit Barcelona and spend all their time taking in the amazing sights of the city. There are enough attractions within the city to keep you occupied for quite some time before you run out of things to do!

Grabbing yourself a Barcelona Discount Card can greatly reduce the cost of your trip, especially if you have a number of activities planned. The card itself is a collective coming together of almost all the popular tourist attractions in Barcelona to help you save money.

The card offers free or discounted entry to many attractions, covering a wide variety of activities. Most notably on the list is the number of Barcelona Museums available, but the offers don't stop there. I have used the card on 2 of my trips to the city and found it to be well worth it.

Buy your card early and the train ride from Barcelona Airport to the city will be free, as well as unlimited free travel on all public city transport including Metro and the urban bus. Another transport discount includes 2 Euros off the cable car ride.

 Pricing of the card is dependent on how many days you want it active for. The options are from 2 to 5 days and the card is activated from the time you first use it.

A handy addition with the card is the guidebook that comes with it. The guidebook comes complete with a Barcelona City Map to help you get around, that alone can be a great help! Along with the map, the guidebook contains a complete list of attractions and activities associated with it. So no need for any guess work as to where to go.

Simply choose your activities, find them on the map and make use of the free public transport to get there.

Plan your day's right into the evening to take advantage of the Barcelona nightlife discounts, including Michael Collins Irish Bar (20% off) or 10% at the IMAX Theatre.

If this has got you interested, check out this link for full details on the Barcelona Card with Guidebook.


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Barcelona Discount Card With Guidebook
Barcelona Discount Card with Guidebook

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