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Even if you are not a footy fan per se, then you still might want to consider paying Barcelona football club a visit. Every year thousands of people flock to the Camp Nou from all over the world and it is one of the most popular tours in the city. As the saying goes 'mes que un club' which translated means 'more than just a club' and this is certainly more than just a stadium. So what can you expect to find here?

When you purchase a Barcelona football club FC plus ticket it not only allows you into the museum, but you get access to areas of the stadium so that you can feel exactly what it's like to be part of this huge club. The tour itself is self guided but there is information provided along the route that you follow in the shape of story boards. Security personnel are positioned along the route to make sure that you don't go off the beaten track, but are also there to help if you aren't sure where to go. If you require more information then you can purchase audio guides at the start of your tour for a few Euros, these will give you more in-depth information.

Stops on the tour include:

3D virtual experience

This is a ten minute virtual presentation in 3D that gives you a feeling of what it's really like to be a player in the Camp Nou in front of 92,000 fans.

Visitors changing rooms

On this next stop you get a chance to feel what it is like for a visiting team to come to the Cauldron of Barcelona Football club by having a sneak preview into the visitors changing rooms. You might be surprised at how basic they seem, but be rest assured it is designed that way in order to intimidate teams. On the contrary the home team's changing rooms are far more luxurious with spa's, meeting rooms, treatment rooms and a pharmacy. Unfortunately the away team dressing room is as close as you get.

Barcelona Football Club chapel

The Chapel at the club was constructed in 1958 and blessed by Pope John Paul II in 1982. It gives players the opportunity to say some last minute prayers before they do battle. Visiting teams may need to pray for luck more than others.

Players tunnel

One of the highlights of the Barcelona football club tour is walking up the players tunnel. This really gives you an insight into what it's like stepping out into a vast arena. With a little imagination, it's easy to picture yourself there.

Dug out

This is the closest that you get to the pitch and standing in the dugout where the managers sit really gives you a sense of just how vast the stadium at Barcelona football club actually is.

Presidents box and press boxes

This is a great opportunity to take a look into the presidents box where they would entertain all the rich and famous before and during a game. This is also where you get the best views of the pitch. The press boxes are 29 cabins suspended approximately 39 metres above the stadium. Here you can imagine the commentators going crazy when Lionel Messi has put one in the back of the net.

The Museum

This is the second part of the tour and takes you into the trophy room where you can see all the rich history that the club has had bestowed upon it. You can also get up close and personal with the champions league trophy. Just imagine what it's like to lift it aloft in front of nearly 100,000 screaming fans. Also further along the museum you can take a glimpse into the past with old memorabilia of glory days.

It is easy to see why this is one of the most popular tours for visitors to Barcelona and is a must for any football fan. It is open Monday to Thursday from 10am until 6.15 pm and 8pm in the summer. It is also open on Sundays from 10am until 2.15pm.

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Barcelona Discount Card With Guidebook
Barcelona Discount Card with Guidebook

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